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The office is currently closed. The College of Chiropractors of Ontario (the chiropractic regulating professional body) has recommended that all non essential (except for emergency and acute) chiropractic care be suspended at this time.

Gentle Family Chiropractic

Our family office is easy to find at 724 Adelaide Street North, located near the corner of Oxford St and Adelaide St. (We are south of Oxford, on the east side, before the train tracks. )

Conveniently, there are bus stops that are walking distance from the clinic. If you are driving, there is free parking around the back. Just come up the back stairs and open the door.

724 Adelaide Street North  

London, Ontario N5Y2L5

Phone: 519 476 8700

Email: [email protected]

Dog N' Cat Chiropractic


In addition to seeing pets by appointment at London Alternative Veterinary Services on Tuesdays, Dr. Maya is also providing mobile chiropractic care for dogs and cats who feel more comfortable at home. Please call for appointments.

Our animal office is conveniently just up the street from our family office at London Alternative Veterinary Services!

Dr. Maya is there on Tuesdays. By appointment only.

Same phone number. Same email. Free parking in the back.

London Alternative Veterinary Services
500 Adelaide Street North
London, ON

Serving London, ON and the surrounding areas, including: Ilderton, Arva, St. Thomas, Lobo, Lambeth, Lucan, Mount Brydges and Komoka.

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