Chiropractic for Animals

Animal ChiropractorAnimals need Chiropractic? Yes, they do! 

Our pets can get hurt through play, accidents and training (agility and otherwise). Yet they don't usually let us know when they're in pain. Animals don't want to be seen as the "weakest one in the pack" or vulnerable, so it's up to us to make sure that they're healthy, happy and living their best lives. 

Dr. Maya Pande is certified in Animal Chiropractic.  Adjustments use minimal force and gentle pressure. Most dogs and cats, like people, enjoy coming in for an adjustment. Sometimes, when your pet has tense muscles or a particularly sore spot, they may feel some temporary discomfort upon treatment. Usually a treat makes everything better! 

For animals that don't like to leave home or have an injury, Dr. Maya provides affordable house calls in and around the London area.

Please keep in mind that Animal Chiropractic is not a substitute for conventional veterinary medicine. It provides a complimentary method of care that is effective in many neuro-musculoskeletal cases. In fact, Dr. Maya works with your vet and even sends him/her regular reports.

Please go to our Dog N' Cat Chiropractic website for more information.

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