Animal Chiropractic

Starting April 9th, Dr. Maya will be seeing your pets every Tuesday from 10 - 5pm at
London Alternative Veterinary Services at 500 Adelaide Street North in London, Ontario!!
Call 519-476-8700 to book or use the online booking button above in GREEN


Animals need Chiropractic too? Yes, they do! Our pets can get hurt through play, accidents and training (agility and otherwise). Yet they don't usually let us know when they're in pain. They don't want to be seen as the "weakest one in the pack", so it's up to us to make sure that they're healthy, happy and living their most optimal lives.

Dr.Maya Pande is certified in Animal Chiropractic.  She has been trained to find spinal restrictions and deliver specific gentle adjustments to restore motion and function.

Adjustments use minimal force and gentle pressure. Most pets, like people, enjoy coming in for an adjustment. Sometimes, when an animal has tense muscles or a particularly sore spot, they may feel some temporary discomfort upon treatment. Usually a treat makes everything better!

Please keep in mind that Animal Chiropractic is not a substitute for conventional veterinary medicine. It provides a complimentary method of care that is effective in many neuro-musculoskeletal cases. In fact, Dr. Maya works with your vet and even sends him/her regular reports.

How Do I Know If My Pet Needs Chiropractic Care?


Does he/she have:

•Pain or Stiffness in their neck, back, leg, tail or paws?
•Muscle tenderness, weakness or asymmetry?
•Nerve problems?
•A change in his sitting position--preferring one side to the other?
•Injuries from slips, falls, rough play, or animal sport?
•Poor movement or performance?
• TMJ or jaw problems?
•Poor fitting collars, harnesses or a habit of tugging excessively on her leash?
•Difficulty getting up or down, jumping in or out of car, up or down stairs etc.?
•Decreased movement of back or legs, or is walking differently from normal?

Chiropractic can also help with:

•Post-surgical care to promote healing and decrease the effect of any compensatory changes
•Improving quality of life, function and comfort for your senior pets during their golden years
•General maintenance of joint health and mobility as early as puppy/kittenhood as well as for agility performers


What Happens During Your First Appointment?

History: When you arrive for your first Chiropractic visit, you’ll be given an intake form to fill out (or we can email it ahead and you can bring it completed). Then Dr. Maya will discuss your pet’s health and any issues or concerns you may have.

Examination: The next step is a thorough examination which includes gait analysis, palpation of the joints, muscles and extremities, range of motion testing, and a neurological evaluation. (Please bring or email any pertinent reports and x-rays from your veterinarian.)

Results:  Dr. Maya will discuss what she found and how she can help your pet with Chiropractic adjustments and any other recommendations. 

Treatment: If you consent, an adjustment will be given at this time. This first visit will last approximately 30 minutes.

Followup Appointments: Depending on your animal's case, follow up visits may be necessary to determine what changes have occurred and how your pet is responding to Chiropractic care. All follow up visits take approximately 15 minutes.

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